Aroma Inhalers for Supporting General Wellness - Brosjyre med oppskrifter + klistremerker

Aroma nasal inhalers are effective natural solutions to reap the benefits of essential oils for supporting your body with a variety of general needs. Whether it’s elevating the senses, clearing the airways or supporting a restful nights sleep. Nasal inhalers are a simple and effective way to introduce essential oils into your wellness regime.

Recipes include:

  • Happy Hormones
  • Immune Booster
  • Neutralise Nausea
  • Clarity & Concentration
  • Allergy & Seasonal Support
  • Head Ease
  • Calm & Harmonise
  • Respiratory Support
  • Release Worry
  • Sleepy Slumber


  • 4 sided brochure
  • Label sheets (containing 10 bottles labels & 10 caps stickers)


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