Naturally Essential Baby & Toddler booklet

This booklet is the ideal guide to using essential oils with babies and toddlers. it contains all you need to get started using essential oils safely with your loved one. It contains dilution ratios, recipes, oils to use and those to avoid, and comes with beautiful pages to record your baby’s keepsake moments and a remedy recorder.

This booklet contain the following:

  • Introduction
  • Pure & safe essential oils
  • Dilution ratios & guidelines
  • Safety hints and tips
  • Using essential oils aromatically
  • Using essential oils topically
  • Use of essential oils on reflex points
  • Gentle essential oils
  • Essential oils to avoid
  • Age related essential oil usage
  • Carrier oils
  • Common ailments & solutions
  • MyMakes : Natural Essential recipes
  • Baby Massage
  • Everyday Recipes
  • Remedy Records
  • Keepsake of Milestone Moments

Heftet, Engelsk