Symphony of the Cells Application Book - 5th Edition (2020)


The classic Symphony of the Cells™ Application Book has an all-new look! 

Symphony of the Cells™ is a collection of massage protocols formulated by Boyd Truman to create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body. Each protocol is specific to a system of the body allowing you to target ailments.  

Each massage protocol tells you, step-by-step, which essential oil to apply and where on the body.

For example, the Digestive Protocol starts by having you apply Frankincense to your neck/shoulders and then inhaling it, followed by applying it to the bottoms of your feet.


  • Features 18 essential oil applications 
  • In-depth and oil substitution list 
  • Updated 'Possible Condition Examples'
  • New 'Related Body Systems' Section to help you know what application to use! 

Forfatter: Boyd Truman
Språk: Engelsk
Antall sider: 57

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